Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Teen Top(Girlfriend) Lyrics eng subs

Girlfriend lyrics :: English Translation
Ay girl, got somethin’ to tell you
I only want you, want you, I want you baby

* I need a girl, I need a girl, I need a girl
You’re so pretty and beautiful
I need a girl, I need a girl, I need a girl
Girl friend, friend, friend, friend
You softly came to me, you stole my heart
We have already connected, look at my eyes
You make me call you several times a day
You make me smile at your sweet voice
To me, I only have you (I got ya)
My lady, hold my hand

** Hey shawty, My baby are you thinking of me by any chance?
I can’t sleep at the thought of meeting you
I laugh alone heh heh, I know you feel the same
What more can I say, to be honest, you’re the first

* repeat

You’re so pretty, pretty, more than anyone else, you’re dazzling
White skin, black eyes (you are mine, mine)
You’re ma beautiful girl

I can’t fall asleep every night at the thought of you
Who will know that this is the first time I’m feeling like this
I want you girl, I need you girl

** repeat

* repeat

Hey girl, you’re the only one
I only need you
Hey girl, you’re the only one
Stay by my side for always

* repeat

I love you baby

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