Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Niel (1994)

Niel (1994)
Radiating Charm My real name is Ahn Daniel. My innocence is my charming point. I am in charge of main vocals and the center.
Overseas Promotions BTS During ‘Supa Luv’ promotions in Japan, Ricky ripped his pants. He still put forth all his effort. I was embarrassed for him. Sorry.
A Man’s Qualification A man who walks with a scowl on his face? Then C.A.P is a real man. He always looks like he’s mad.
Members’ Secret Ricky probably looks like an excessively greedy eater. But it’s actually C.A.P.
To Changjo: Don’t grow taller than me.
To Fans: Please continue to love Teen Top. Let’s work toward 1st place together.
What’s a vacation to Teen Top? What’s a vacation? Is that something you eat?

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