Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chunji, All-Around Player

Chunji, All-Around Player
If you were to make a unit group within Teen Top?
Changjo: We would split up 3 and 3. With the spirit of competition, we will promote at the same time!
Chunji: We have the mature team (points to Niel, C.A.P, and Changjo) and L.Joe, Ricky, and I will be the team in charge of visuals.
Niel: People are more interested in personality than visuals these days.
Chunji: But still, people look at the visuals first~
L.Joe: Yeah, I think we’ll win.
Niel: By the time we promote as units, many people will know Teen Top and so they could be tired of the visuals!
Chunji: Not true! A team can’t not have visuals!

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