Wednesday, January 18, 2012

L.Joe (1993)

L.Joe (1993)
Radiating Charm Cuteness, sexiness, stylishness, etc. I’m a rapper who has it all. My real name is Lee Byunghun.
2012 Dream 1) 1st place 2) New dorm 3) Grow taller, gain weight, I really want to grow taller, please.
A Woman Who Makes My Heart Pound A woman who is pretty without makeup. Recently, girls that dance well have made my heart pound.
A Man’s Qualification A man who knows how to lead a woman. I don’t do that well, but Chunji probably does?
To Hairstylist Doyoung: I can’t remember what I look like with black hair anymore ㅠ
To Fans: Don’t catch a cold. Also, try not to wear high heels.

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