Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ricky, the Energy of a Child-Turned-Man

Ricky, the Energy of a Child-Turned-Man
We heard that you were the most jealous of L.Joe for being the lead in the “Crazy” music video.
Ricky: To be honest, I learned how to act when I was young, so if they casted me, I’m sure I could have done very well. That’s why I was a little disappointed.
Niel: These days, Ricky has been really greedy and has been setting the atmosphere. Is he growing up?
Chunji: He’s always really quiet, even now.
Changjo: A man likes to look cool at all times.
Niel: Actually, you can call Ricky the “Weight” of our group. (laughter)
Ricky: Not true! What do you mean weight! Ah really. You guys make me like this. I am really cute and I clean diligently, too.

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