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Teen Top Weekly Idol eng sub(6totsubs)

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Happy Birthday to Ricky for his 18(KOREA)or his 17 Birthday!!!

Saengil Chukkahamnida Ricky's TEEN TOP!!!

Teen Top me2day and Twitter Update!


미치겠어 리믹스 무대 기대하세요!!! 멋진 모습을 보여드릴테니 모두 본방사수!!!~엘조

Translate:Do not miss the stage I'm crazy remix! Bonbang'm gonna show you all look great shooter! ~ Eljo

우리 엔젤 본.방.사.수!!! 다 알죠!? 리믹스 고고!!!

Translate:We present Angel. Room. Four. Wed! She knows all!? Archaeological remix!

리키의 생일을 축하해주신 엔젤분들 정말 감사하구 사랑합니다~~ 맛있는 도시락 먹고 힘이 넘쳐 나네요^^♥ 조금 뒤 팬미팅때 보아요오♥♥♥♥

Translate:Happy birthday to Ricky Angel haejusin people who helped me to love the estuary full of strength it says to eat a delicious lunch ~ ~ ^ ^ ♥ Oh seeing a little bit later paenmitingttae ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

저희 회사 옆 건물 담벼락에 낙서하신 엔젤! 낙서는 보는 사람의 얼굴을 찌푸리게 만듭니다! 낙서금지!!! 반성해주세요!

Translate:Graffiti on the wall next to our building your Angel! Graffiti creates a frowned face of the beholder! Prohibited graffiti! Please reflect on!


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Teen Top me2day and Twitter Update!


사진을 보자마자 실망하신건 아니죠!?ㅋ 울먹이는걸까… 찌푸리는걸까… 어린 시절부터 표정연기 연습에 몰두하고 있는 천지입니다ㅋㅋ 

Translate:Everything's fine sight picture're not disappointed!?  tearful frowninterrupted ... interrupted ... from childhood been devoted to thepractice of facial expression is strewn  

불끈불끈 힘 자랑을 하고있는 꼬꼬마 엘조!! 오랜만에 어린 시절의 제 모습을 보니 어색하네요 장난꾸러기 어린 엘조도 사랑해주실꺼죠?ㅋ

Translate:Horny boy? Eljo in power and pride! My childhood in a long time to see her naughty little awkward eljodo'm loving you going? 


 점심시간이다!!! 고고고고고!!! 맛있는 점심드세용ㅎㅎ

Translate:Lunch time! Archaeology and Archaeological! De year olds lunch 

엔젤분들 하이!!!! 창조인데요!! 이제 잘 시간입니다~~코~~잘자요!! 히히

Translate:Hi Angel who!! Indeyo creative! Well now is the time ~ ~ nose ~ ~Good night! Hee-hee,

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[PHOTO]Teen Top Marie Clair Magazine

[INTERVIEW]Teen Top Marie Clair Magazine

What song do you listen to the most these days?

I’ve started listening to American pop songs again. “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” is my favorite movie so I’ve been listening to the OST.

What’s the last thing you think before going to sleep, and what’s the first thing you think when you wake up?

Ah, it’s good. Ah, I don’t want to.

You’re majoring in Applied Music. There are many things to experience and to learn, how do you want to spend your university years?

I want to make a lot of friends and I want to experience all that I can. As an Applied Music major, I want to expand my singing skills.

Which member has a strange habit?

Me. Whenever I get nervous or have to go on stage, I have to drink water.

You’re a person who has a lot of bright and lovely expressions, but I am sure there were times you’ve been depressed. When were these times?

I am very happy that we are getting a lot of love from people, but when I think of how I have no freedom, I get downcast. Also when I am sad or depressed, but have to hide my emotions in front of the public.

There must not be a lot of free time, but what do you like to do when you’re by yourself?

I like watching movies or watching the city scenery. I also like being alone with my thoughts. I like walking so I go on hikes often.

Is there anything that the general population has a misunderstanding of you or maybe something that people don’t really know about you?

Because I am very bright and play around a lot, fans think I’m always like this, but I am a kid who has a lot of thoughts, is earnest, and has a lot of tears.

What’s the longest you’ve slept recently?

Because we’re in the middle of comeback promotions, I’ve only been able to sleep for five or six hours. Some people say that that is sleeping a lot, but for me, it’s too little.

Going beyond popularity, what kind of group do you hope Teen Top will grow to be?

A group that puts on such an impressive performance that people watching will be moved to tears.

Because you started being a celebrity at a very young age, you have met more people that other kids your age. What kind of people do you dislike?

I don’t like selfish people. People who only think of themselves and don’t respect others.

You’re a black belt in martial arts, but what’s one thing you are scared of the most?

UFO. I was really interested in it before, but now I am getting more and more frightened.

Fans say that you’ve gotten very mature. Do you feel a change, too?

No. On a day-to-day basis, I can’t feel a difference, but when I compare old videos to current ones, I can see that my face has changed and my image in general is different.

You guys got 1st place on music shows. What do you think about your popularity?

I haven’t been able to feel any popularity. Since people really like us, we will try that much harder.

Not as Changjo, the member of the popular group, but as Choi Jonghyun, what are your hopes and dreams?

I want to construct a building in my name and inside that building, I want to start a vocal and dance academy. Since I really love dancing, I want to help those who have dreams of becoming singers.

In your opinion, which musician has held the best performance?

Usher and Taeyang. They sing dramatic songs on stage and the way they dominate the stage is handsome. There are so many points to model myself after. I will try hard.

You write rap lyrics. Please tell us what kind of rap lyrics you want to write.

I don’t have one specific style. I want to be able to experience and digest many different genres of music.

I heard that your hobby was bothering Niel. I take this as that you guys are really close. I’m curious as to when, why, and how you bother him.

When we need some laughs, or when I’m bored (laughs).

I saw a picture of you reading a book. What’s the most recent book that you’ve read? How was it?

It was a book titled “Laughter.” I have to read it a couple more times to understand it, but the author’s creativity overflows and he verbalized and expressed what laughter was. It was a new and fun experience.

Every leader has their “know-hows.” What’s your own way to lead the members well? The way you see it, are there any “Beware” signs for the members?

My method is that there is no such thing as hyung-dongsaeng, but that we are all friends. We are not alone, but we are a team that should help one another to grow and develop.

What kind of person are you?

Outwardly, I look very strong and quiet, but actually I am very shy and I am a simple young man who enjoys talking about anything and everything with the person I like.

There are 6 members in Teen Top and you guys have a packed schedule, so there would be a lot of times where you are exhausted. And there would have been times where you got pissed off at another member for no reason. What’s something that helps Teen Top come together as one?

More that anything, practice. When practicing, we have to match our movements and all of a sudden we are exhibiting cooperation again. And if we finish our practice fast, we can go back to the dorms!

Fans call you a “Speech Fool.” What do you think about this?

When I’m with the members only, I speak well. It’s that because it’s broadcast, there are a lot of strangers near me and I can’t speak well (laughter). I acknowledge this nickname.

What do you think about the work that you are doing? What kind of future do you dream of while promoting?

I am very satisfied with what I am doing and in the future I hope to become an even bigger person who is acknowledged as a singer by the rest of the world. And after that, I want to travel the world.

I heard that the reason “Niel Jackson” became a singer was because of Michael Jackson. Who is a musician who has captured your heart these days?

I think Chris Brown has captured my heart. I am singing a lot of Chris Brown songs these days.

If you were given a week of alone-time, what do you want to do?

First of all, I would sleep for two days. Just lying down at home. For the next four days, I want to play and have a lot of fun. With these crazy kids and my family. And on the last day, I will sleep again (laughter). It’s a break to prepare me for the next day’s practice.

How was it acting in your “Crazy” music video?

At first, I didn’t have any confidence, but I got used to it and Kwon Sohyun sunbae-nim made it comfortable so we were able to film it well.

You compose. It wouldn’t be easy to do while in the middle of promotions, but what kind of music do you want to compose? Who’s your favorite composer? Is there a musician who is your role model?

For a few weeks, the song that I composed was used as a radio logo song so I was very happy. I admire Black Eyed Peas and

What are some pros and cons of being a member of Teen Top?
A pro is that I am happy. A con is that I am too happy.

What’s one thing that you have had the most interest in recently?

I’ve gotten to really like hats these days. Collecting hats has become a hobby.

You get a lot of questions from fans, but you’ve never been able to ask them questions. What’s one thing you are curious about your fans? Especially something you’re curious about female fans. Or maybe just something you’re curious about females in general.

What do you think my good points and bad points are?

Teen Top 'The Secret Island' with eng sub(6totsubs)

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[NEWS]Teen Top Japan first edition[cd+dvd]

Released Date: 2012/04/04
Price: 4800 Yen
Pre-Order Special Price : 4080 Yen
CD Track List:
1. Transform
2. Supa Luv
3. Angel
4. 香水をつけないで (ヒャンスプリジマ)
5. Beautiful Girl
6. First Kiss
7. 手の甲がかすめる(ソンデゥンイ スチンダ)
8. Tell Me Why
9. Supa Luv (Inst.)
10. 香水をつけないで (ヒャンスプリジマ (Inst.)

【DVD】 Track List (total 30~35 min )
1. Supa Luv (PV Main Ver /Dance Ver)
2. Angel (PV Sketch Video)
3. 香水をつけないで (ヒャンスプリジマ)(PV Main Ver /Dance Ver)
4. 手の甲がかすめる(ソンデゥンイ スチンダ)
(PV Sketch Video- 1min30sec Ver)+ Special feature (Unpublished ver)
PV shooting making of , TEEN TOP Daily Life video

- Korea Six Members Popular Young Group TEEN TOP.All members are teenagers. They’ve not released their CD & DVD in Jp, this is their debut Album.

- Their average age is 17.3, the CD includes 10 songs (8 tracks+2 instrumentals) DVD includes 2 music videos + 1 new special video)

- TEEN TOP Japanese Album, Label is Universal Music.

- Tower records provide 15% off special offer for online pre-order: fm 4800 yen to 4080 yen with one of 3 limited posters(?)

- All the pre-order is counted into Oricon Japan… In Japan, they are focus on the weekly ranking..they don’t have real time chart.

- ・ハイタッチ会参加応募券封入 (来日時に実施予定、詳細は未定)
Trans: High Touch Event Entry Ticket is attached ( Time, Venue and Event Details to be confirmed)

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Teen Top me2day Update!

또다른사진!! 요즘 셀카찍는것이 재밋어요~~

Translate:Another picture! Jaemiteotda jjikneungeot torrent was two days 

Teen Top me2day Update!

테디베어와 사진찍었어요 ~ 이 곰돌이 한국에서 별루없다네요ㅎㅎㅎ 그래서 기념사진 찰칵!!

Translate:Took aphoto with teddy bear ~ Like this teddy bear isn't have in korea ㅎㅎㅎSo I took memorial photo!!

Teen Top Tarot Card Reading with eng sub(6totsubs)

ChunJi Hidden Track Romance with 'ulzzang Kang Hyeyeon with eng sub(6totsubs)


[INFO]Teen Top is on #8 in MCountdown Top 10