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Teen Top On Air(Happy New Year)

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Teen Top @ StarKing

:ChunJi is sooo cute!!!I love his Smiley face!!!

Teen Top @ MBC Gayo Daejun(Hot Stuff)With All Stars

(Teen Top,B1A4,Boyfriend,Dal Shabet,A Pink and MC(Gayo Daejun)

Teen Top me2day UpDate!!!

                                       Teen Top me2day UpDate!!!


엔젤여러분~ 2012년이 시작되었습니다!!! 올 한해 소망하는 일들 모두모두 꼭 이루어지시길 바랍니다~ 새해복많이 받으세요♥

Translate:Angel, you were the start of 2012! All in all, hope this year thatthings really get done hope you two  ~ saehaebokman

Teen Top @ MBC Gayo Daejun

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Teen Top M Countdown(Next Week)

Teen Top-Going Crazy!

Teen Top @ Gayo Daejun(Perfomance)

Teen Top @ Gayo Daejun(Red Carpet)



Teen Top me2day and Twitter UpDate!!!

            Teen Top me2day and Twitter UpDate!!!


여러분들의 호응에 새로운 사진 하나 공개합니다!! 어제 티저 영상에서 제가 잘 안보인다고 서운해하셨던 분들~ 이번에는 저 니엘이가 잘 보입니다^^하하 멋지죠? 오늘 밤 SBS 가요대전 무대 기대하세요!!

Translate:A new picture in your response to the public! I can not see ityesterday in the teaser video - this time, that the ones whoseounhae indago nielyiga visible ^ ^ Haha awesome, right?Please look forward to the stage tonight SBS Gayo Daejeon!

가요대전대기실에서~~ 리믹스버전 향수뿌지리마 멋있었나요?? 엔젤분들이 보고싶은 오늘이었습니다^^ㅋ

Translate:War Is ~ ~ remix version in the waiting room was beautiful LikeLima whether perfume spray? These gentlemen want to see Angel^ ^  today.

우리는 준비완료!!! 자 이제 무대위로 고고씽!!! 멋있구마잉ㅎㅎ

Translate:We are Ready! Now, onto the stage gogossing! Meotitgumaing 

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Teen Top in SMART Uniform Magazine(Photo)

Teen Top in SMART Uniform Magazine(Photo)

Teen Top in SMART Uniform Magazine(Interview)

Teen Top in SMART Uniform Magazine(Interview)
Capturing the hearts of fans with their lovely charms TEEN TOP
The maknaes of the maknaes of the idol group, although their average age is 17 years old (Korean age) they have a charisma that is unlike their age and have been the fans’ focus since their debut. With luxurious performance and cute looks that belong only to TEEN TOP, these are more than sufficient to capture the hearts of fans… Despite their young age, they have as much talent as the other senior singers, so let’s all fall into the unlimited charms of TEEN TOP.

Q: What kind of activities are you doing now please tell us what you have been up to.
A: After completing our activities for our first mini album “No More Perfume On You” we are preparing for our comeback with our new album with a new look. Recently, we performed overseas in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia and we were able to meet with the overseas fans. Personally the members in high school spent their time in school, and the member who was in his last year of high school Chunji, has been admitted into a university.

Q: It was the birth of TEEN TOP’s official fanclub “Angels” not too long ago. How do you feel about the setting up of the official fanclub?
A: Firstly we’re really happy, all of us were really looking forward to it eagerly~ It’s good that we’re closer to all our fans and with the strong backing of the “TEEN TOP’s Angels” , we’re really filled with happiness. We’re looking forward to the fanclub creation ceremony that’s going to happen really soon. I think it will be a good time to communicate with the fans.

Q: The meaning of the fanclub means angels, please explain to us how you chose the name and what kind of meaning it holds.
A: We asked for suggestions on the fanclub name from the fans. Many fans came up with pretty names among which after much consideration we settled on “Angels”.  It holds the meaning “Angels protect TEEN TOP whenever wherever” Also, it is good that it is easy to say and remember

Q: Before your fanmeeting in Tokyo, how do you feel about meeting with your Japanese fans?
A: We’re quite nervous as it is our first independent fanmeeting. We are really grateful for the love that the many fans have given us although we have yet to officially debut in Japan. As we’re unable to see the Japanese fans regularly, we hope that through this fanmeeting we can become closer. It’s going to be a fun time with exciting performances to showcase and talks with fans.

Q: TEEN TOP uses social networks to communicate with fans by updating about your daily lives. How do you feel about meeting fans on such platforms?
A: Changjo: It’s good that we’re able to hear the fans’ opinions immediately. When we’re happy, (by using such platforms) the happiness is doubled, when we’re sad, we are able to receive strength. Occasionally the members will upload selcas and compete among one another to see who receives the most mentions. But indeed the king of selcas is L.Joe hyung. The fans really love him. I’m also currently working hard to catch up as well.

Q: Please share with us an interesting anecdote about your uniform.
A: C.A.P: The uniform I wore in the 1st year of high school, became too small for me by the 3rd year. That’s when I realized that you have to wear uniforms that suit your size~ Haha

Q: Please share some tips for the SMART readers so that they’ll be able to wear their uniforms well.
A: Niel: Don’t mix and match your uniform with other clothes! I think you look the best when you wear it your own way. To the students who think that uniforms are plain you can wear it with a cool bag! I carry a coloured bag to add emphasis.

Q: Please tell us of your future activities
A: We’re busy finishing up with our album preparations to comeback with a cooler appearance. We’ll be having a surprising transformation to meet our fans with so please look forward to it.

Q: Lastly some words for our readers.
A: It’s going to be the winter break soon. Having studied really hard right up to the break, we hope you’ll have time to reenergize. We hope you’ll plan your break well and spend it fruitfully. And most importantly! Don’t forget to shower us TEEN TOP with lots of love~!

Teen Top Behind Photo Book Vol.(Part 2)

TEEN TOP Behind Photo BOOK Vol. I Start Now!
Making of TEEN TOP 2010-2011

Your Personality
C.A.P.: I’m a coward
Niel: I’m kind but pessimistic, and in front of girls I’m more pessimistic ㅠㅠ
Ricky: cheerful, kind, a pure kid who doesn’t know anything
L.Joe: I’m totally kind please believe me keke
Chunji: active
Changjo: manly, cheerful & cool

Favourite movie genres
C.A.P.: action (since I’m a guy)
Niel: comedy, melodrama - that’s the truth!
Ricky: action, melodrama
L.Joe: melodrama action horror comedy
Chunji: melodrama
Changjo: action!!!! horror!!!!!!

The first song I sang
Niel: classical?
Ricky: a carol
L.Joe: the national anthem
Chunji:  Baby Baby (my first audition song)
Changjo: lullaby

Your First Love
C.A.P.:  first year of high school
Niel: ha…. as for my first love… are you interested? hoo…..
Ricky: I had one…!!!
L.Joe: I want it to be an Angel…
Chunji: high school
Changjo: hmm… secret

Ideal Type
C.A.P.: somebody who can take care of themselves, is very individualistic and is kind
Niel: Nam Sangmi noona (somebody cute and who will take good care of me) I can’t talk to girls
Ricky: a bright and cute girl whose fresh face is pretty
L.Joe: A cute lady with lots of aegyo  (she needs to be pretty without makeup too keke)
Chunji: somebody who’s good at singing 
Changjo: who is that on the background of my handphone?

Number of times you’ve been confessed to
C.A.P.: no memory comes to mind
Niel: 16
Ricky: hmm… none .bb
L.Joe: quite a number of times
Chunji: it’s embarrassing ^^ 
Changjo: if I were to say it my mouth would hurt because there are too many!!

Have you confessed to somebody?
C.A.P.: no memory comes to mind
Niel: 3 times ah why did you ask that, that’s so embarrassing
Ricky: I’m pretty shy, so I couldn’t work up the courage
L.Joe: once
Chunji: 3 times?
Changjo: not really…

Have you been attracted to somebody at first sight?
C.A.P.: no
Niel: 1 time, really!!!
Ricky: it happened!!!
L.Joe: once
Chunji: 1 time?
Changjo: when I changed the background of my handphone…hehe

When you see somebody of the opposite sex, what part of them do
you look at first?
C.A.P.: body line
Niel: whether they truly like me, from the heart!!
Ricky: personality and their looks
L.Joe: eyes
Chunji: heart…?
Changjo: eyes? I don’t know why but I get this rush of emotions

What if the person you are in love with falls in love with your
best friend?
C.A.P.: it’s no good no matter what you do
Niel: I’d probably let them go haha I’d cry after
Ricky: I’d want to steal them away, but knowing my personality I probably wouldn’t be able to do it
L.Joe:     I think my heart will ache   
Chunji: I’d be sad but I’d let them go …
Changjo: I’ll make the first move!!! telling her that I like her… hehe

Love vs. Friendship
C.A.P.: I choose both
Niel: love!!
Ricky: between love and friendship…. uwah! love !!
L.Joe: love
Chunji: on the weekends, love. on weekdays, friendship
Changjo: friendship is friendship, love is love!! it’s the same as asking whether you like your mom more or you dad more!! are you kidding me

Older vs. Younger vs. Same-Age
C.A.P.: I don’t pay that much attention to age
Niel: older older older older older
Ricky: same age
L.Joe: all three
Chunji: older 
Changjo: same age NONONONONO

Up to what age difference?
C.A.P.: age is just a number
Niel: 7 years
Ricky: 4 years
L.Joe: up to 10 years
Chunji: 10 years
Changjo: age doesn’t matter! if I really love her, age is nothing

At what age do you want to get married?
C.A.P.: I don’t want to get married
Niel: 25-30
Ricky: at 30
L.Joe: 35
Chunji: 30!!!
Changjo: mid to late 20’s

What place do you want to go to for your honeymoon?
C.A.P.: I’m not getting married
Niel: I want to go to Guam!!
Ricky: honestly, just being with my wife would make me happy so anywhere is okay!!
L.Joe: Singapore
Chunji: Vancouver
Changjo: I’ll definitely go where my wife wants to go!!

How would you propose?
C.A.P.: I’m not getting married
Niel: it’s secret, this is something I’ll only let my girl know ㅋㅋ
Ricky: whoah… with a quick kiss!!
L.Joe:  secret
Chunji: I’d probably figure that out once I get a girlfriend…
Changjo: I’ll be really filled with emotions… I think I’ll cry if she accepts my proposal!!   

How many kids do you want after marriage?
C.A.P.: I’m not getting married
Niel: 3-4 ㅎㅎ
Ricky: 3
L.Joe: 2!
Chunji: 3 kids, I also want to adopt
Changjo: 2!!

After getting married, what kind of husband do you want to be?
C.A.P.:  there is no after getting married
Niel: I’d be a husband who takes good care of his wife and children
Ricky: I’d be a husband just like in a drama who cleans, cooks and brings (everybody) happiness
L.Joe: I’ll only show that to my wife!
Chunji:  the husband my future wife wants
Changjo: I’ll wake up in the morning and cook!! a husband with aegyo!! ㅋㅋ

Son vs. Daughter
C.A.P.: son
Niel: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ daughter ~~
Ricky: daughter, because my wife might get lonely when visiting a public bath
L.Joe: son or daughter… I think both are loveable
Chunji:  that’s really difficult ㅜ
Changjo: I can’t give up on any, I want both definitely

What do you most want to receive from the person you love?
C.A.P.: love
Niel: ~~love~~
Ricky: an honest heart
L.Joe: trust
Chunji:  love
Changjo: I’ll be touched even if it’s a small thing!!

What do you most want to give the person you love?
C.A.P.: love
Niel: love!!!
Ricky: really, anything
L.Joe: love
Chunji: love
Changjo: I want to give her my everything!!!!

What if your parents were opposed to the wedding?
C.A.P.: it seems like they might be opposed to my not getting married…
Niel: even if so I’d probably get married because it’s love~~
Ricky: it would be no good, I’d still get married
L.Joe: I’ll go against the wishes of my parents
Chunji: run off (together) ^^
Changjo: if I really love her and can’t give her up!! I’ll get married secretly

Your ideal wedding
C.A.P.: peacefully solo..
Niel: really big, I want to give my future wife a gift she’ll never forget ㅎㅎ
Ricky: call the people I know and make it an unforgettable event
L.Joe: secret~
Chunji: I want to have an ordinary wedding
Changjo: an ordinary and peaceful setting

What facial feature do you have confidence in?
C.A.P.: mouth, jaw
Niel: there isn’t anything ㅎㅎㅎ
Ricky: eyes
L.Joe: eyes
Chunji: there are many ^^ you have to ask me about the part I’m not confident about
Changjo: eyes!! my manly eyes without double lids ㅋㅋ

What subject do you have confidence in?
C.A.P.: art
Niel: P.E.
Ricky: math
L.Joe: English
Chunji: Korean history
Changjo: English!!!!!

What sport do you have confidence in?
C.A.P.: working out
Niel: soccer ㅋㅋㅋ
Ricky: running
L.Joe: basketball
Chunji: running
Changjo: suspending in mid-air hehe

What musical instruments can you play?
C.A.P.: none
Niel: ㅋㅋ none I want to learn
Ricky: drum… triangle, snare drum
L.Joe: piano, violin
Chunji: tamborine
Changjo: drums!!!! now…

What thing do you want to have?
C.A.P.: hats, clothes, shoes, accessories (the more I have the more I want)
Niel: a girlfriend ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ricky: camera
L.Joe: the best camera in the world
Chunji: girlfriend
Changjo: everything except food

Your source of trouble
C.A.P.: I haven’t grown taller since the 2nd year of junior high school
L.Joe: I wish I were taller

What are you interested in lately?
Niel: swimming
Ricky: taking pictures

Your recent source of trouble
Chunji: loneliness

What food do you want to eat?
Changjo: Guamegi!!!! Cockles!!!!

What do you want to try doing?
C.A.P.: writing lyrics, DJing, travelling
Niel: travel around the world with the person I love ㅎ
Ricky: French kiss
L.Joe: TEEN TOP concert!!! starting with Korea and then a world tour!!!
Chunji: travel with a girlfriend
Changjo: if I have a lot of lives I want to jump from somewhere high

What do you want to learn?
C.A.P.: writing lyrics, DJing
Niel: English ㅎㅎ
Ricky: barista
L.Joe: guitar
Chunji: piano
Changjo: any lesson from Taeyang sunbaenim!!!

What instrument do you want to learn to play?
C.A.P.: there’s nothing
Niel: guitar
Ricky: piano
L.Joe: guitar
Chunji: tamborine
Changjo: piano

Your charm point
C.A.P.: unpredictable and the reverse (of what you’d expect)
Niel: smile, lips ㅎ
Ricky: I’m overflowing with them
L.Joe: aegyo
Chunji: I’m skilled
Changjo: manly mannerisms

If you were to die tomorrow, what would you want to do today?
C.A.P.: I’d die peacefully
Niel: be with the person I love~~ spend a happy time with my family and die
Ricky: secret, secret!!
L.Joe: leave a video message to my fans, and I’ll be still with my family
Chunji: it’s a secret that I can’t talk about
Changjo: secret…

If you were to become invisible?
C.A.P.: I’d be alone so I think I’d be sad
Niel: I’d defeat the bad guy ㅎㅎ
Ricky: I’d destroy the city
L.Joe: female high school!!!!!
Chunji: I probably wouldn’t go to a women’s bath house or somewhere like that ㅋㅋ
Changjo: all of you will die!!!! muhamuha

If you were to go in a time machine?
C.A.P.: five years in the future
Niel: I wouldn’t go in something like that
Ricky: I’d go 30 years in the future
L.Joe: I want to see how I’m living 30 years later
Chunji: I’d go to the future and find out what I am like then
Changjo: I’d go to the Joseon dynasty!!!!!!

What if you woke up and you were a girl?
C.A.P.: I’ll face the reality and enjoy it
Niel: kekeke hehehe heuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheu
Ricky: what would I do..?? ㅋㅋㅋ
L.Joe: I’ll be a female idol now!!!!
Chunji: I’d take a shower
Changjo: I’d be really shocked!! I’ll change my clothes~ hmmm

What if you encountered an alien?
C.A.P.: I would walk away
Niel: “annyeong!” (hello!)
Ricky: I’d ride in the UFO with them
L.Joe: I’ll take a selca with it and upload it on twitter
Chunji: I’d ask them to take me with them too 
Changjo: wow!! how interesting! must ask it to hang out with me!! we’ll become friends!!

If it were to snow on Christmas?
C.A.P.: I’d be depressed
Niel: that’s “White Christmas”, don’t you know that?
Ricky: if I had a girlfriend I’d kiss her
L.Joe: it’ll be really good
Chunji: sounds sad… I’m lonely …
Changjo: there’ll be a traffic jam??

If you were to have plastic surgery?
C.A.P.: I want to make the shape of my face more distinct
Niel: I’m not doing it ㅋㅋ
Ricky: I’m satisfied with how I am now and I don’t like things that hurt
L.Joe: instead of plastic surgery… I’d rather have height enhancement surgery
Chunji: I don’t want to have it
Changjo: I’m satisfied with my face…. if not a little (will do) hehe ^^

If you had a magic lamp?
C.A.P.: give me the whole world
Niel: it will grant my wish ㅎㅎ
Ricky: only I could use it
L.Joe: please let me grow taller
Chunji: I’d wish for a girlfriend!
Changjo: I’ll ask for 3 more wishes!! he has to grant me it because it’s a wish

If you were to win the lottery?
C.A.P.: I’d pretend nothing had happened and live normally
Niel: I’d have to go travel the world ㅎ
Ricky: that would be really great
L.Joe: yahoo!!!!!!
Chunji: I’d give half to my mother and father and raise up Korea 
Changjo: I’ll live quietly for a few months and I’ll not even tell my parents about it!!

If you were to be born again?
C.A.P.: I’d become the wind (so I could go anywhere)
Niel: I’d become a bird he I would be really free
Ricky: I’d be the most beautiful person in the world
L.Joe: I’d be born as a man and I’d drink lots of milk
Chunji: Bill Gates’ son
Changjo: I want to be a diamond!!!

What do you do before going to sleep?
C.A.P.: turn off the light
Niel: look at a web-toon on the computer ㅎㅎ
Ricky: I wash up
L.Joe: call my parents
Chunji: cell phone text messages ^^
Changjo: I drink water

When do you dislike yourself the most?
C.A.P.: when I lose my mind

What is the downside of being a guy, or being a girl?
Niel: I wonder
L.Joe: I’m glad to be a guy
Chunji: being a guy is good!!!

What’s your source of trouble?
Ricky: gaining weight
Changjo: lately… I’m lonely!!!

When do you think you’re the most good-looking?
C.A.P.: right! when I put my jeans on after showering
Niel: I’m not good looking ㅋ
Ricky: when I have make-up on
L.Joe: when I look tall
Chunji: on stage
Changjo: all the time

What’s your personal know-how on how to wake up when you’re sleepy?
C.A.P.: I can’t come back if I fall asleep
Niel: I wash my face
Ricky: I nap for just 5 minutes and then wake up
L.Joe: I don’t have any… when I’m sleepy I have to sleep of course
Chunji: listen to music?
Changjo: I keep awake very well

What do you want to shout out in an empty playing field?
C.A.P.: it’s hard for me to yell
Niel: Bbi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ricky: Ack
L.Joe: I am L.Joe!!!!!
Chunji: I love you

What do you want to do most right now?
C.A.P.: I want to go to a movie theater where there’s nobody and watch a movie by myself.
Niel: travel~~
Ricky: love
L.Joe: it’s time for bed now… I want to sleep
Chunji: go on a date with a girlfriend
Changjo: but I’m doing 100 Q & A’s now

What’s the scariest thing in the world?
C.A.P.: the sea
Niel: God ㅎㅎ
Ricky: ghosts, bugs
L.Joe: Gangster Joe
Chunji: there’s nothing so far
Changjo: high places

How old do you want to live until?
C.A.P.: 60 years old
Niel: just keep on living until then
Ricky: 100 years old
L.Joe: I want to live until I’m 60 years old~
Chunji: until I die
Changjo: of course I want to live as long as possible!

What kind of personality do you dislike?
C.A.P.:  people who are conceited
Niel: people who gossip a lot
Ricky: flirtatious/sly
L.Joe: I really hate selfish personalities…
Chunji: cowards
Changjo: forceful!! you know that kind

The strong and weak points of your personality
C.A.P.: I’m a coward… I’m a coward…
Niel: if somebody likes me, I give them everything
Ricky: I can’t talk with people the first time I see them (weak point)
L.Joe: I’m kind but sometimes I lose my temper
Chunji: because I’m straightforward, I’ve hurt other people many times ㅜ
Changjo: I’m lively!! hmm… I’m humourous too!! bad points… when I’m enjoying and then suddenly! ㅋㅋ

The person you respect
C.A.P.: my mother
Niel: Michael Jackson
Ricky: my father, mother, and older brother
L.Joe: my parents
Chunji: my father and mother
Changjo: my parents

Your precious person
C.A.P.: my mother
Niel: my family members
Ricky: my family
L.Joe: my parents
Chunji: Angels ^^
Changjo: my parents

The person you are thankful to
C.A.P.: my mother
Niel: my parents
Ricky: all the people I know
L.Joe: thank you president for letting me debut as L.Joe
Chunji: our noonas at the company
Changjo: my parents

The person you (say you) are sorry to
C.A.P.: my mother
Niel: I haven’t done anything yet to be sorry for
Ricky: all the people I know
L.Joe: I’m sorry president for disappointing you sometimes
Chunji: secret!
Changjo: my parents!! as much as I’m sorry!! after I succeed I’ll give you all the luxury!!!

In 10 years, you will be…
C.A.P.: 29 years old, one month from turning 30
Niel: I’ll have become a handsome father
Ricky: a big star?
L.Joe: wouldn’t I be acting then? and… I’ll compose in my spare time and for our boys and C.A.P hyung I’ll write good songs… for them right!!
Chunji: I’ll have become rich
Changjo: I’ll be in my late 20’s! before my marriage…

The wish you absolutely want to come true
C.A.P.: to have a convenience store in front of my house and a gym in my neighbourhood, and live my life writing song lyrics in my house
Niel: to travel~~
Ricky: for the time when Teen Top stands on the top
L.Joe: even when standing at the top, that the 6 of us won’t change
Chunji: get a girlfriend before Christmas
Changjo: this is a secret!!!!

Your motto
C.A.P.: let’s live happily
Niel: let’s not lose our original dreams, let’s become people who are like sunflowers~~
Ricky: there’s nothing bad
L.Joe: endure for 3 times
Chunji: let’s not give up, let’s not become conceited
Changjo: there’s no giving up

What’s your goal in life?
C.A.P.: to make what I wish for come true
Niel: to travel
Ricky: goals don’t stay the same forever, so I want to always improve
L.Joe: writing over 100 songs and filming over 10 movies
Chunji: to stand on the top as Teen Top!
Changjo: of course to do well!!!

What do you want to say to the people who are reading this?
C.A.P.: I am Bang Minsoo & CAP
Niel: Hello, how are you doing? hehe this has been ~~ an inner part of Nielie’s heart
Ricky: I’m Ricky!! Please give me lots of love ㅋㅋ
L.Joe: thanks for reading this… rest and close your eyes
Chunji: I love you ^^
Changjo: thanks for reading it!!! who am I Changjo!!

In closing, what would you like to say?
C.A.P.: my answers to these 100 questions were really insufficient, weren’t they
Niel: let’s become people who are like sunflowers~~
Ricky: thank you for reading this!!!! hahahaha
L.Joe: I love you~
Chunji: half of this was serious and half of this was messing around ^^
Changjo: everybody who is reading this are people whom I love! thank you for reading it!

Teen Top Behind Photo Book Vol.(part 1)

TEEN TOP Behind Photo BOOK Vol. I Start Now!
Making of TEEN TOP 2010-2011

Height & Weight
C.A.P.: 178 cm / 65 kg
Niel: 177 cm / 55 kg
Ricky: 173 cm / 58 kg
L.Joe: 171 cm - I might still grow taller… ㅜ / 50 kg - I might still get heavier… ㅜ
Chunji: “private” / 54 kg
Changjo: 179, trying for 180 cm / 61 kg
C.A.P.: 0.4, 0.3
Niel: 2.0 2.0
Ricky: 1.0, 1.0?
L.Joe: it’s kind of bad… secret ㅜ
Chunji: 0.5, 1.0
Changjo: 0.4, 0.5

C.A.P.: no religion
Niel: Christian
Ricky: no religion
L.Joe: Christian
Chunji: no religion
Changjo: Buddhist

C.A.P.: just “Bang”
Niel: goby fish
Ricky: pig _ _
L.Joe: chick - bbyak bbyak (삐약삐약)
Chunji: fire monkey
Changjo: Jjung-pa (쭝파), a play on his name Jonghyun (?)

Favourite Fruit
C.A.P.: doesn’t really like fruit
Niel: melon, watermelon
Ricky: orange coloured fruits
L.Joe: watermelon
Chunji: everything but watermelon and other kinds of melons
Changjo: melon, pineapple, apples, pears, mikans (mandarin oranges), oranges

Favourite Food
C.A.P.: rice, kimchi
Niel: all kinds of meat!!
Ricky: Jeyuk boggam (제육볶암)
L.Joe: all meat dishes!
Chunji: Makchang (막창)
Changjo: he’s not picky about food

Favourite Season & Weather
C.A.P.: spring / dark and cool evenings
Niel: fall / breezy & cool weather
Ricky: spring & fall / cool weather
L.Joe: winter / rainy & snowy days
Chunji: winter / rainy days
Changjo: spring & fall / clear evenings, he likes it when it’s dark out

Favourite Colour
C.A.P.: black, white
Niel: red, black
Ricky: white
L.Joe: white, red, black
Chunji: black, white
Changjo: all (bright & dark)

Favourite Sport
C.A.P.: working out
Niel: soccer
Ricky: running
L.Joe: basketball
Chunji: basketball
Changjo: working out, any sport that works up a sweat

Favourite Number
C.A.P.: 4
Niel: 7
Ricky: 3
L.Joe: 11
Chunji: 1, 3, 5, 7
Changjo: 10, because you have 10 fingers!

Favourite Words
C.A.P.: “fun” (재밌다)
Niel: “love” (사랑) - ai, embarrasing…
Ricky: “handsome” (잘생겼다)
L.Joe: “belief” (믿음)
Chunji: “angel” (엔젤)
Changjo: “I love you” (사랑해)

Favourite Animal
C.A.P.: cats
Niel: puppies meongmeongmeongmeongmeong (멍멍)
Ricky: puppies, because they’re cute
L.Joe: puppies
Chunji: humans, especially girls
Changjo: penguins! cats! puppies!

What kind of food do you have confidence in cooking?
C.A.P.: ramyeon
Niel: ramyeon
Ricky: honestly… nothing
L.Joe: fried eggs
Chunji: anything
Changjo: omu-rice, jeyukboggam (제육볶암), boggam ramyeon

What was your happiest moment?
C.A.P.: when we debuted
Niel: when we debuted
Ricky: maybe it will be when we win 1st
L.Joe: the day we got our first album
Chunji: when we debuted
Changjo: when we chose the name “Angel” for our fanclub - bbabam!

What was your most difficult moment?
C.A.P.: junior high and high school
Niel: when ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ we are ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ practising ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Ricky: when we put our coordinated dances together
L.Joe: practise, always
Chunji: practise
Changjo: secret secret secret!!!

What was your most regrettable moment?
C.A.P.: junior high and high school
Niel: secret!!!!
Ricky: when he had the wrong food(?)
L.Joe: (not) drinking lots of milk in the past…
Chunji: it’s a secret I can’t talk about ㅋㅋ
Changjo: secret!

What was your saddest moment?
C.A.P.: when my mom whispered(?) to me - the details are a secret
Niel: secret!!!
Ricky: when my family is sick, or when I watch a mellow movie
L.Joe: when the first puppy I raised went to heaven
Chunji: it’s a secret I can’t talk about ㅋㅋ
Changjo: when my choreography was pointed out (? I think he means like he made a mistake) - and it was by my friend Ricky!

What was your most memorable trip?
C.A.P.: I don’t remember have gone on any long-distance trips
Niel: the trips I’ve gone on in my dreams ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ricky: when on vacation
L.Joe: to Jejudo with his mother, grandfather and older brother
Chunji: didn’t travel…
Changjo: to Jejudo with family… we went when I was a baby!!^^

What did you get in the most trouble(?) with your parents about?
C.A.P.: secret
Niel: secret!!!!
Ricky: lying
L.Joe: in kindergarten he brought home things that weren’t his
Chunji: nothing ^^
Changjo: he often lost things when he was little
(different question for C.A.P. only) When was the first time you drank alcohol?
C.A.P.: his grandfather gave him some when he was in elementary school.

What age do you want to go back to?
C.A.P.: 1st year of junior high school
Niel: 14. he had the most fun with his friends then
Ricky: 16
L.Joe: 7… I’d drink milk!!
Chunji: 6th grade of elementary school
Changjo: I want to turn 20 ; ;

Recommended place to travel to:
C.A.P.: a quiet nearby park
Niel: I’ll tell you after I travel the world!
Ricky: amusement park
L.Joe: Oregon, it’s a place I lived in America… it’s really beautiful
Chunji: my house!
Changjo: Salt desert!!!(?) But I don’t know…

What is your cell phone background screen?
C.A.P.: black
Niel: Nam Sangmi ㅋㅋㅋㅋ what should I do, embarrasing
Ricky: Ricky
L.Joe: it’s just a calendar
Chunji: Wonder Girls
Changjo: me?? ((I can’t understand the rest of his answer sorry))

What is your cell phone ring tone?
C.A.P.: it’s on the system pre-set ring tone
Niel: I like to listen to CCM(?)
Ricky: interesting ones(?)
L.Joe: the pre-set…
Chunji: the latest pop song
Changjo: “I’ll Be There” by my beloved Taeyang sunbae-nim ^^

How much do you talk on the phone in one day?
C.A.P.: up to 10 minutes
Niel: 1 minute ㅋㅋ who would I talk to hahahaha
Ricky: 10 minutes…?
L.Joe: 5-10 minutes, with mother & grandfather, sometimes with older brother
Chunji: 5 minutes.
Changjo: he has talked on the phone for 5 hours before.  He prefers voice to text messages

(different question for C.A.P. only) What is your habit?
C.A.P.: shaking my legs

What do you do or think before you go on stage?
Niel: What are my lyrics again?
Ricky: let’s do a fun performance again today
L.Joe: get nervous
Chunji: drink water, clear(?) throat
Changjo: tremble(?) “Another perfect performance today!!”

Most Treasured Things
C.A.P.: mom
Niel: family
Ricky: family
L.Joe: Teen Top’s 1st (debut) single
Chunji: family
Changjo: family, Clap single album

How many hours do you sleep?
C.A.P.: 6 hours
Niel: it’s always different ~ ~
Ricky: 7 hours?
L.Joe: 7-8 hours
Chunji: it’s always different ^^
Changjo: 6-8 hours?

What do you like singing at noraebang?
C.A.P.: I don’t like noraebang, so I don’t go
Niel: I don’t go to noraebang
Ricky: 말달리자 ((Teen Top covered this song before))
L.Joe: Epic High sunbaenims and trot
Chunji: there are too many ㅜ
Changjo: hasn’t even been 10 times

What’s your sleep habit?
C.A.P.: I quietly snore through my nose
Niel: I sleep like a shrimp, but I’m not a shrimp ㅋㅋ
Ricky: my head goes the other way
L.Joe: I kick(?)
Chunji: I’m a peaceful sleeper
Changjo: I hit… but not any more

(different question for C.A.P. only) What is your drinking habit?
C.A.P.: I don’t have one

What 3 things would you take with you to a deserted island?
Niel: helicopter, fuel, girlfriend kyakyakya (캬캬캬)
Ricky: 10000000(etc.) pigs, 10000000(etc.) haetban(햇반??), 1000000(etc.) bottles of water
L.Joe: boat, oil, food
Chunji: water, food, girlfriend
Changjo: sun cap, sunglasses, lunch box

What are you into lately?
C.A.P.: books which are a little more abstract
Niel: just the clothes I wear? I don’t really know
Ricky: love ㅋㅋ
L.Joe: composition, writing lyrics, taking photos
Chunji: Wonder Girls
Changjo: Wonder Girls!!! hehe 히히

SoHyun(4Minute) Twitter Update(teaser photo)



Teen Top 2nd Mini Album "It's"(1 Teaser)

YouTube Channel:


TEEN TOP 'CRAZY' (미치겠어) teaser Ⅰ(Drama ver.)

The main character is L.Joe...With Kwon SoHyun(4Minute)

Teen Top 2nd Mini Album(Song)

Teen  Top's 2nd Mini Album 'It's' Tracklist: 01. Teen Top 02. 미치겠어 03. Where's ma girl 04. Girlfriend 05. 미치겠어(R&B Slow mix) 06. 미치겠어(Inst.)

 Teen Top's 2nd Mini Album 'It's' Tracklist: 01. Teen Top 02. Going Crazy 03. Where's ma girl 04. Girlfriend 05. Going Crazy (R & B Slow mix) 06. Going Crazy(Inst.)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

NewS TiMe!!!

                                                         NewS TiMe!!!

:-Teen Top will release teaser on December 29 2011...This are the proof of this news...

This is TOP Media.
This is the comeback schedule for TEEN TOP’s 2nd mini album’s teaser video and release of songs.

The 2nd mini album’s teaser video will be released on the coming 29th December.

Following which on 5th January 2012 at 00:00 (KST), with the release of the songs, and the comeback stage, their activities will start officially.

We will inform you of the music programme schedule of the different broadcasting stations at a later notice.

We hope that all the Angels can show lots support and attention for TEEN TOP’s 2nd mini album activities which are fast approaching.

Thank you.

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Teen Top @ Music Core(Special Christmas)

Teen Top - No More Perfume On You+Supa Luv

Teen Top& Infinite Special Stage
Don't Cry+Jingle Bell+White Christmas

Teen Top me2day and Twitter UpDate

                   Teen Top me2day and Twitter UpDate


메리크리스마쑤~~~♥♥♥밖에 나가면 안되요ㅜ 부럽잖아요ㅋ틴탑과 크리스마스~~♥♥ (천지)

Translate:Merikeuriseumassu ~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ You're only jealous You can not go out  ㅋtintapgwa Christmas ~ ~ ♥ ♥ (heaven).

크리스마스 선물 드릴께요!!..................바로바로바로..... 창 to the 조  메리크리스마스^^ 

Translate:I'll give it right away ..... Christmas !!.................. Window to the one trillion  Merry Christmas ^ ^