Thursday, January 26, 2012

Niel, a Fearless Boy’s ‘My Way’

Niel, a Fearless Boy’s ‘My Way’
At MBC’s <Idol Star Athletics and Swimming>, you played a huge part.
Niel: At the high jump, I unexpectedly got 1st place. If Sangchu sunbae-nim and SHINee’s Minho sunbae-nim were there, I probably would have gotten 3rd. Actually, at the hurdles race, I fell as soon as I started. Eu eu~
Changjo: Ready~ Go! Fall! Haha.
Niel: No actually, before the race, Andy gave me some burden and so I think that’s why I made a mistake! He said that if I did well, there would be a big reward. But if I didn’t do well, he would give me a punishment many thousand times worse than that.
Chunji: Sure. He’s blaming it all on Andy, even though it was his fault!
C.A.P: I’m going to tell on you!
Niel: In the swimming event, I made it to the finals, but during the finals, my goggles fell off. I could have gotten at least 3rd, but I got last because of my goggles. Haha!
Changjo: Wow~ His excuses are never-ending!
C.A.P: From now on, you are “Excuse Niel.” “Excuse Niel” (laughter)

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