Thursday, January 26, 2012

C.A.P, Between “Leader” and “Neighborhood Big Brother”

C.A.P, Between “Leader” and “Neighborhood Big Brother”
When do you find to be the hardest to control the younger members? When they’re hungry, when waking them up, or maybe when they’re practicing?
C.A.P: All three. (laughter) Especially when trying to wake Niel up.
Niel: Hey, it was only once! It was when only three members had a schedule in the morning, and I was really tired. C.A.P woke up first and he tried to wake me up, saying “Niel, wake up, we have to leave.” But apparently I snarled, “I’m not going.” I guess that scared him.
C.A.P: He did that this morning, too!
Niel: This morning he came and woke me up quietly.
C.A.P: They’re scary during meals, too. The kids eat all my side dishes. (laughter)

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