Monday, January 23, 2012

C.A.P takes Niel's money, Niel takes C.A.P's clothes

C.A.P takes Niel's money, Niel takes C.A.P's clothesNiel: I’ve set my heart on becoming a scrooge from now on. 
Shindong: Why? How come? 
Niel: Whenever I get my allowance…The members get their own allowance, too, but they use mine. 
Heeyoung: Wait…what! 
Niel: C.A.P gets his own allowance, but he buys a lot of clothes. So he ends up spending all his money. And then he asks ME to buy him food. And so sometimes, I end up spending all my allowance on the day I get it! 
Jaesung: Aw, no. Niel is the victim here. 
Niel: Yeah, so I’m trying to save my money. 
Shindong: C.A.P, you’re too much! Being the oldest… 
Niel: And so that’s why I wear C.A.P’s clothes. 
Heeyoung: Oh! There’s a trade-off for this! 
Niel: And I take some home. 
Jaesung: Don’t take it home! Niel, that’s not okay, that’s a crime! 
Heeyoung: That’s stealing! 

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