Thursday, January 12, 2012

News Time!!!

                            News Time!!!

Title:Teen Top's Agency, T.O.P Media, receives complaints from parents... 

News on allkpop:

T.O.P. Media has revealed that they are receiving several complaints a day from parents of teenage girls.
TEEN TOP made their comeback with ”Going Crazy” recently, and parents are claiming that their children are literally going crazy over the idols. Reportedly, their children have been leaving home early in morning to catch the boys’ performances on music programs.
Exasperated parents have been calling the company to complain, with comments that include: “They wake up in the early morning to wait in line for TEEN TOP’s performances, but because public transportation doesn’t start that early, we have to take them ourselves.” “They say that they have to go with their friends because they don’t know the way to the broadcast station. Please make the check-in time later.” Ever since TEEN TOP’s comeback, they’ve been trading in their weekends to leave for the broadcast station at 7 a.m.”
In response, T.O.P. Media officials stated, “Since our main fanbase is still in their teens, we get a lot of calls from their parents. Our telephone lines are about to be paralyzed with these high number of calls. Before, parents used to be wary or were against their children being involved in fandom activity, but they’re actually more involved themselves now. We’re just glad that they’re not calling us for issues like running away from home.”

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