Friday, January 06, 2012

Voting Time!!!!

                                Voting Time!!!

You know right what I mean beside the title???It's voting time angels!!!I want you all vote for our Teen Top!!!Teen Top must win whenever this not an award..But sometime we have to make Teen Top win in Chart !!!!...Here I give the link...Check Out it Below!

Ok!!!I already give u the link...

Rules :You need to have an account of Mnet...If you don't have it is ok...You still can vote angels..Don't worry about it...Ok...1st you pick Teen Top-Crazy...And then press button VOTE...And you find the Facebook and Twitter!!!...You choose Facebook if you have a Facebook account..You choose Twitter if you have Twitter account...Before choose between facebook and twitter you need to sign in or log in 1st...And after that you can't vote anymore...You need to wait until tomorrow...It means you only can vote 1 time for 1 day...OK???

:-please vote!!!Teen top need you're vote to win!!!...I hope our hard work will be a good result..

If you wanna see the current rating you can get it here:

You can see that TEEN TOP is at number 1 right???...Oh!I'm so happy !!!^^...But I don't want Boyfriend-I'll Be There make Teen Top @ number 2...So,I want you(ANGELS)vote for TEEN TOP!!!I will vote too...

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