Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teen Top: “Please Don’t View Us as Bad Boys from the Backstreets”

Recently, Teen Top began promoting their title track, “Crazy.” The group discussed their desire to be viewed as more mature performers. Considering most of the members are close to twenty, and with the moniker of ‘Teen’ Top, their request makes sense.  For their latest concept, they looked to Big Bang and 2NE1 for influence.
During the music video for “Crazy,” the group can be seen dancing in an alley while quick shots of entertainment districts are shown.  To most the video is harmless, yet others have mistakably seen it as a cause of concern. With the emerging problems of youth violence and school bullying on the rise, the theme of the video have the public talking.
Teen Top was asked about the concept for their music video to which they responded, “The music video shows us kids dancing in the streets which could appear rude and tough. It’s a misunderstanding; please don’t think of us as bad boys from the backstreets.”
Teen Top certainly is getting noticed these days for good reason. 4minute’s Kwon So Hyun was featured in Teen Top’s music video for “Crazy.” While competing in the “4th Annual Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships,” she mentioned during an interview with MC Leeteuk that she would love to appear on “We Got Married.” When asked if there was anyone in particular she would want to appear with, she confessed, “Maybe L. Joe oppa since we filmed a music video together.”
They continued, “Compared to ‘No More Perfume on You,’ ‘Crazy’s’ song and dance, the mood of both are different. Yet they are right for the color of Teen Top, I guess. When you first heard the songs, that’s exactly what we are. Not too smooth or too strong. All of the members bring their individual personality and are able to contribute.”
Teen Top’s goal for 2012 is to rank first on music programs. Infinite was able to win mutizens for their songs “Be Mine” and “Paradise.” They revealed that Infinite has given them the extra push to achieve this goal, “Within one month of our release, Infinite rose to the top. This time around ‘Crazy’ is a good song. We have been working harder than ever preparing for it.”

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