Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ChangJo (1995)

Changjo (1995)
Radiating Charm My real name is Choi Jonghyun. My always-present steamed bun-like cheeks. My eye smiles are my charm. I am in charge of height and dancing.
A Man’s Qualification Strong heart.
A Woman Who Makes My Heart Pound Sweet aegyo. Someone who talks cutely.
Members’ Secret L.Joe sometimes calls out for his mom when he sleep talks.
To Niel: Can you stop growing? I’m supposed to be in charge of height.
Goal Improve my skills, reach 183cm, make muscles. I will mature and become more handsome than anyone else.
To Fans: Don’t cheat. Only look at us.
What’s a vacation to Teen Top?
 A time to practice harder in order to come back with a cooler image. 

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