Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ChunJi (1993)

Chunji (1993)
Radiating Charm I am in charge of visuals and popularity. My real name is Lee Chanhee.
A Man’s Qualification Car. House. Watch. None of us has that yet…
2012 Dream 1) Get 1st place 2) Buy a car 3) Get a girlfriend!!!♥
A Woman Who Makes My Heart Pound A girl who is both innocent and sexy. A girl who smells nice.
Secret in the Dorms There’s a ghost who opens and closes doors, uses our laptops, and steals our food.
To Members: Since we’ve become adults, let’s give each other presents as a commemoration. Except for L.Joe.
What’s a vacation to Teen Top? There’s none. There’s only practicing.

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