Monday, January 23, 2012

Ahn David the Genius, Ahn Bosung the Black Hole

Ahn David the Genius, Ahn Bosung the Black HoleShindong: How much older is your older brother? 
Niel: We have a year difference. And my younger brother is three years younger. 
Shindong: Both your brothers are students then. 
Niel: My older brother is now a university student, but I’m not sure which university he’s attending. My brother is really smart. 
Shindong: Ah, really? What’s he majoring in? 
Niel: I heard that he was going to medical school. 
Shindong/Jaesung/Heeyoung: Wow!!! 
Niel: But lately he’s been saying he wanted to major in electrical engineering. So I’m not sure what he’s doing at the moment. 
Shindong: Wow, that’s amazing. Is your younger brother smart as well? 
Niel: (sigh) No… My younger brother is the household’s…that thing… 
Jaesung: Black. Hole. 
Niel: Yeah… he’s kind of a problem. He really doesn’t study at all. 
Shindong: It’s because he has an expertise in a different area. 
Niel: When I look at him, he really doesn’t. 
(Entire studio bursts into laughter) 
Heeyoung: Don’t speak so conclusively! 

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