Friday, February 17, 2012

Teen Top Vogue Girl March Issue Part 2

Teen Top Vogue Girl March Issue Part 2

V.G.: The nickname “Growth Spurt-dol” is probably influenced by Changjo and Ricky, the maknaes who are changing every day. I heard that Changjo especially grew a lot?
Changjo: I grew more than 10cm in just a year. I was the third tallest before, but now… Hi, my name is Changjo and I am in charge of height! I’m 179cm now. I’m growing every day.
V.G.: You’ve lost a lot of baby fat, too.
Changjo: People tell me that my “more charming by the day” point is my steamed bun-like cheeks, but actually, it’s a complex of mine. Even though the fans like it, I’m going to lose it no matter what. That’s why I am not eating midnight snacks these days.

V.G.: Ricky’s impression has gotten stronger, and he’s becoming more of a man day by day. I think the expiration date for your nickname “Lovely Boy” is approaching.
Ricky: This nickname is get more and more embarrassing so I’m not introducing myself as this nowadays. But still, I think cuteness matches me well. Thankfully, the fans still see me as cute.

V.G.: C.A.P is only in his twenties, but he is the oldest in the team. And he’s the leader, too.
C.A.P: Watching the members grow up is fun. The youngest members debuted in 9th grade and now they are 11th graders, so it’s a time when they’re changing the most. Next year will be different, and the year after will be different. Although I am the leader, I don’t particularly see myself as one. I am not the final decision maker. For important decisions, we all talk it over together and for unimportant ones, we settle it through Rock-Paper-Scissors. This is a fair democracy.
V.G.: I just got a tip-off saying that it was not a fair democracy. There were some members who raised doubt that Rock-Paper-Scissors was a very transparent process.
C.A.P: Ah, of course. It ends when someone leaves the room for a moment, no, when someone just turns around. Can I say we “conspire”? But I am the one who gets conspired against the most.
Changjo: When C.A.P, or any of the members, leave the room, we huddle together immediately and say “We’ll do this and this.” I wish for this to stop. We all know who it is.
V.G.: Ahah, the youngest one is gritting his teeth.
Changjo: One day, the youngest ones will rise to the top.
V.G.: As time goes on, there have been older groups in which the youngest ones have shone brightly. Changjo, your expression suddenly got brighter?
Changjo: Yeah (grins) I will get revenge.

V.G.: People say Niel has a “Word-Dumb”/”Speech Fool” virus? You sing well, have experience in acting, and was a gold medalist at the “Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships” so I thought you were almighty. But a Speech Fool…
Niel: When I’m on broadcast, with girls or other idols, I get really nervous. I don’t know why. All of a sudden, I get really tongue-tied and I can’t think of words that I already knew beforehand. Actually, Ricky is worse than I am.
Ricky: It’s a concept. Concept.
V.G.: But you guys are with me, and you guys talk very well.
Niel: B-because it’s not a broadcast and it’s c-comfortable (laughter).

V.G.: After debut, Teen Top has had its fair share of hardships. Car crashes, sound issues, swear word controversy, and recently C.A.P’s gender discrimination controversy.
C.A.P: I have to be careful. I am showing more prudence with what I say. I’ve used this opportunity to learn and I felt that I still have not matured. I’ve disappointed a lot of fans. I was upset with myself, too. I feel the most remorse towards the members. Because of my mistake…
Niel: I think we were able to use this opportunity to grow.
L.Joe: We know what to do and what not to do; we’ve become more mature.

V.G.: What’s the most exciting thing about this promotion?
Ricky: The anticipation of “Can we get 1st place?” Before, we just ran with the finish line in sight, now we’ve actually become 1st place contenders.

V.G.: Do you think you can get 1st place?
Niel: Yes, we can! (V.G.: Oh, you’re very confident?) We have to believe in ourselves. Only believers can make their dreams come true! We were on the radio program “Date at 2PM” and Ju Younghoon sunbae-nim made a prediction. He told us that if not this week, then next week, we will be able to get 1st place. We will trust ourselves and Ju Younghoon (laughter).

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