Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Chunji goes on a date with ulzzang Kang Hye Yeon for Mnet show

TEEN TOP‘s Chunji was recently spotted on a date with famous internet ulzzang Kang Hye Yeon. But don’t worry Angels, it’s only for Mnet‘s TV program, ‘Hidden Track Romance‘.
The program sets idols on a date to create the picture of a real life couple. Chunji was paired up with Kang Hye Yeon, and the ‘couple’ enjoyed a walk through the park near a college, as per Chunji’s wish.
The ‘date’ certainly looked natural, as the couple shared fun conversations while enjoying their stroll. To top it all off, Chunji prepared a special event where he serenaded her in the park, instantly elevating the romance level of the date.
Producers commented, “Fans of such popular idol groups won’t usually let such a thing happen, but thanks to the respectful manner of TEEN TOP’s fans, we were able to complete the shoot on a safe note. Thank you.”
Chunji’s “Hidden Track Romance” episode will air on January 31st.

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