Tuesday, February 21, 2012


[NEWS]Teen Top Japan first edition[cd+dvd]

Released Date: 2012/04/04
Price: 4800 Yen
Pre-Order Special Price : 4080 Yen
CD Track List:
1. Transform
2. Supa Luv
3. Angel
4. 香水をつけないで (ヒャンスプリジマ)
5. Beautiful Girl
6. First Kiss
7. 手の甲がかすめる(ソンデゥンイ スチンダ)
8. Tell Me Why
9. Supa Luv (Inst.)
10. 香水をつけないで (ヒャンスプリジマ (Inst.)

【DVD】 Track List (total 30~35 min )
1. Supa Luv (PV Main Ver /Dance Ver)
2. Angel (PV Sketch Video)
3. 香水をつけないで (ヒャンスプリジマ)(PV Main Ver /Dance Ver)
4. 手の甲がかすめる(ソンデゥンイ スチンダ)
(PV Sketch Video- 1min30sec Ver)+ Special feature (Unpublished ver)
PV shooting making of , TEEN TOP Daily Life video

- Korea Six Members Popular Young Group TEEN TOP.All members are teenagers. They’ve not released their CD & DVD in Jp, this is their debut Album.

- Their average age is 17.3, the CD includes 10 songs (8 tracks+2 instrumentals) DVD includes 2 music videos + 1 new special video)

- TEEN TOP Japanese Album, Label is Universal Music.

- Tower records provide 15% off special offer for online pre-order: fm 4800 yen to 4080 yen with one of 3 limited posters(?)

- All the pre-order is counted into Oricon Japan… In Japan, they are focus on the weekly ranking..they don’t have real time chart.

- ・ハイタッチ会参加応募券封入 (来日時に実施予定、詳細は未定)
Trans: High Touch Event Entry Ticket is attached ( Time, Venue and Event Details to be confirmed)

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