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Teen Top in SMART Uniform Magazine(Interview)

Teen Top in SMART Uniform Magazine(Interview)
Capturing the hearts of fans with their lovely charms TEEN TOP
The maknaes of the maknaes of the idol group, although their average age is 17 years old (Korean age) they have a charisma that is unlike their age and have been the fans’ focus since their debut. With luxurious performance and cute looks that belong only to TEEN TOP, these are more than sufficient to capture the hearts of fans… Despite their young age, they have as much talent as the other senior singers, so let’s all fall into the unlimited charms of TEEN TOP.

Q: What kind of activities are you doing now please tell us what you have been up to.
A: After completing our activities for our first mini album “No More Perfume On You” we are preparing for our comeback with our new album with a new look. Recently, we performed overseas in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia and we were able to meet with the overseas fans. Personally the members in high school spent their time in school, and the member who was in his last year of high school Chunji, has been admitted into a university.

Q: It was the birth of TEEN TOP’s official fanclub “Angels” not too long ago. How do you feel about the setting up of the official fanclub?
A: Firstly we’re really happy, all of us were really looking forward to it eagerly~ It’s good that we’re closer to all our fans and with the strong backing of the “TEEN TOP’s Angels” , we’re really filled with happiness. We’re looking forward to the fanclub creation ceremony that’s going to happen really soon. I think it will be a good time to communicate with the fans.

Q: The meaning of the fanclub means angels, please explain to us how you chose the name and what kind of meaning it holds.
A: We asked for suggestions on the fanclub name from the fans. Many fans came up with pretty names among which after much consideration we settled on “Angels”.  It holds the meaning “Angels protect TEEN TOP whenever wherever” Also, it is good that it is easy to say and remember

Q: Before your fanmeeting in Tokyo, how do you feel about meeting with your Japanese fans?
A: We’re quite nervous as it is our first independent fanmeeting. We are really grateful for the love that the many fans have given us although we have yet to officially debut in Japan. As we’re unable to see the Japanese fans regularly, we hope that through this fanmeeting we can become closer. It’s going to be a fun time with exciting performances to showcase and talks with fans.

Q: TEEN TOP uses social networks to communicate with fans by updating about your daily lives. How do you feel about meeting fans on such platforms?
A: Changjo: It’s good that we’re able to hear the fans’ opinions immediately. When we’re happy, (by using such platforms) the happiness is doubled, when we’re sad, we are able to receive strength. Occasionally the members will upload selcas and compete among one another to see who receives the most mentions. But indeed the king of selcas is L.Joe hyung. The fans really love him. I’m also currently working hard to catch up as well.

Q: Please share with us an interesting anecdote about your uniform.
A: C.A.P: The uniform I wore in the 1st year of high school, became too small for me by the 3rd year. That’s when I realized that you have to wear uniforms that suit your size~ Haha

Q: Please share some tips for the SMART readers so that they’ll be able to wear their uniforms well.
A: Niel: Don’t mix and match your uniform with other clothes! I think you look the best when you wear it your own way. To the students who think that uniforms are plain you can wear it with a cool bag! I carry a coloured bag to add emphasis.

Q: Please tell us of your future activities
A: We’re busy finishing up with our album preparations to comeback with a cooler appearance. We’ll be having a surprising transformation to meet our fans with so please look forward to it.

Q: Lastly some words for our readers.
A: It’s going to be the winter break soon. Having studied really hard right up to the break, we hope you’ll have time to reenergize. We hope you’ll plan your break well and spend it fruitfully. And most importantly! Don’t forget to shower us TEEN TOP with lots of love~!

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