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Teen Top Behind Photo Book Vol.(part 1)

TEEN TOP Behind Photo BOOK Vol. I Start Now!
Making of TEEN TOP 2010-2011

Height & Weight
C.A.P.: 178 cm / 65 kg
Niel: 177 cm / 55 kg
Ricky: 173 cm / 58 kg
L.Joe: 171 cm - I might still grow taller… ㅜ / 50 kg - I might still get heavier… ㅜ
Chunji: “private” / 54 kg
Changjo: 179, trying for 180 cm / 61 kg
C.A.P.: 0.4, 0.3
Niel: 2.0 2.0
Ricky: 1.0, 1.0?
L.Joe: it’s kind of bad… secret ㅜ
Chunji: 0.5, 1.0
Changjo: 0.4, 0.5

C.A.P.: no religion
Niel: Christian
Ricky: no religion
L.Joe: Christian
Chunji: no religion
Changjo: Buddhist

C.A.P.: just “Bang”
Niel: goby fish
Ricky: pig _ _
L.Joe: chick - bbyak bbyak (삐약삐약)
Chunji: fire monkey
Changjo: Jjung-pa (쭝파), a play on his name Jonghyun (?)

Favourite Fruit
C.A.P.: doesn’t really like fruit
Niel: melon, watermelon
Ricky: orange coloured fruits
L.Joe: watermelon
Chunji: everything but watermelon and other kinds of melons
Changjo: melon, pineapple, apples, pears, mikans (mandarin oranges), oranges

Favourite Food
C.A.P.: rice, kimchi
Niel: all kinds of meat!!
Ricky: Jeyuk boggam (제육볶암)
L.Joe: all meat dishes!
Chunji: Makchang (막창)
Changjo: he’s not picky about food

Favourite Season & Weather
C.A.P.: spring / dark and cool evenings
Niel: fall / breezy & cool weather
Ricky: spring & fall / cool weather
L.Joe: winter / rainy & snowy days
Chunji: winter / rainy days
Changjo: spring & fall / clear evenings, he likes it when it’s dark out

Favourite Colour
C.A.P.: black, white
Niel: red, black
Ricky: white
L.Joe: white, red, black
Chunji: black, white
Changjo: all (bright & dark)

Favourite Sport
C.A.P.: working out
Niel: soccer
Ricky: running
L.Joe: basketball
Chunji: basketball
Changjo: working out, any sport that works up a sweat

Favourite Number
C.A.P.: 4
Niel: 7
Ricky: 3
L.Joe: 11
Chunji: 1, 3, 5, 7
Changjo: 10, because you have 10 fingers!

Favourite Words
C.A.P.: “fun” (재밌다)
Niel: “love” (사랑) - ai, embarrasing…
Ricky: “handsome” (잘생겼다)
L.Joe: “belief” (믿음)
Chunji: “angel” (엔젤)
Changjo: “I love you” (사랑해)

Favourite Animal
C.A.P.: cats
Niel: puppies meongmeongmeongmeongmeong (멍멍)
Ricky: puppies, because they’re cute
L.Joe: puppies
Chunji: humans, especially girls
Changjo: penguins! cats! puppies!

What kind of food do you have confidence in cooking?
C.A.P.: ramyeon
Niel: ramyeon
Ricky: honestly… nothing
L.Joe: fried eggs
Chunji: anything
Changjo: omu-rice, jeyukboggam (제육볶암), boggam ramyeon

What was your happiest moment?
C.A.P.: when we debuted
Niel: when we debuted
Ricky: maybe it will be when we win 1st
L.Joe: the day we got our first album
Chunji: when we debuted
Changjo: when we chose the name “Angel” for our fanclub - bbabam!

What was your most difficult moment?
C.A.P.: junior high and high school
Niel: when ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ we are ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ practising ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Ricky: when we put our coordinated dances together
L.Joe: practise, always
Chunji: practise
Changjo: secret secret secret!!!

What was your most regrettable moment?
C.A.P.: junior high and high school
Niel: secret!!!!
Ricky: when he had the wrong food(?)
L.Joe: (not) drinking lots of milk in the past…
Chunji: it’s a secret I can’t talk about ㅋㅋ
Changjo: secret!

What was your saddest moment?
C.A.P.: when my mom whispered(?) to me - the details are a secret
Niel: secret!!!
Ricky: when my family is sick, or when I watch a mellow movie
L.Joe: when the first puppy I raised went to heaven
Chunji: it’s a secret I can’t talk about ㅋㅋ
Changjo: when my choreography was pointed out (? I think he means like he made a mistake) - and it was by my friend Ricky!

What was your most memorable trip?
C.A.P.: I don’t remember have gone on any long-distance trips
Niel: the trips I’ve gone on in my dreams ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ricky: when on vacation
L.Joe: to Jejudo with his mother, grandfather and older brother
Chunji: didn’t travel…
Changjo: to Jejudo with family… we went when I was a baby!!^^

What did you get in the most trouble(?) with your parents about?
C.A.P.: secret
Niel: secret!!!!
Ricky: lying
L.Joe: in kindergarten he brought home things that weren’t his
Chunji: nothing ^^
Changjo: he often lost things when he was little
(different question for C.A.P. only) When was the first time you drank alcohol?
C.A.P.: his grandfather gave him some when he was in elementary school.

What age do you want to go back to?
C.A.P.: 1st year of junior high school
Niel: 14. he had the most fun with his friends then
Ricky: 16
L.Joe: 7… I’d drink milk!!
Chunji: 6th grade of elementary school
Changjo: I want to turn 20 ; ;

Recommended place to travel to:
C.A.P.: a quiet nearby park
Niel: I’ll tell you after I travel the world!
Ricky: amusement park
L.Joe: Oregon, it’s a place I lived in America… it’s really beautiful
Chunji: my house!
Changjo: Salt desert!!!(?) But I don’t know…

What is your cell phone background screen?
C.A.P.: black
Niel: Nam Sangmi ㅋㅋㅋㅋ what should I do, embarrasing
Ricky: Ricky
L.Joe: it’s just a calendar
Chunji: Wonder Girls
Changjo: me?? ((I can’t understand the rest of his answer sorry))

What is your cell phone ring tone?
C.A.P.: it’s on the system pre-set ring tone
Niel: I like to listen to CCM(?)
Ricky: interesting ones(?)
L.Joe: the pre-set…
Chunji: the latest pop song
Changjo: “I’ll Be There” by my beloved Taeyang sunbae-nim ^^

How much do you talk on the phone in one day?
C.A.P.: up to 10 minutes
Niel: 1 minute ㅋㅋ who would I talk to hahahaha
Ricky: 10 minutes…?
L.Joe: 5-10 minutes, with mother & grandfather, sometimes with older brother
Chunji: 5 minutes.
Changjo: he has talked on the phone for 5 hours before.  He prefers voice to text messages

(different question for C.A.P. only) What is your habit?
C.A.P.: shaking my legs

What do you do or think before you go on stage?
Niel: What are my lyrics again?
Ricky: let’s do a fun performance again today
L.Joe: get nervous
Chunji: drink water, clear(?) throat
Changjo: tremble(?) “Another perfect performance today!!”

Most Treasured Things
C.A.P.: mom
Niel: family
Ricky: family
L.Joe: Teen Top’s 1st (debut) single
Chunji: family
Changjo: family, Clap single album

How many hours do you sleep?
C.A.P.: 6 hours
Niel: it’s always different ~ ~
Ricky: 7 hours?
L.Joe: 7-8 hours
Chunji: it’s always different ^^
Changjo: 6-8 hours?

What do you like singing at noraebang?
C.A.P.: I don’t like noraebang, so I don’t go
Niel: I don’t go to noraebang
Ricky: 말달리자 ((Teen Top covered this song before))
L.Joe: Epic High sunbaenims and trot
Chunji: there are too many ㅜ
Changjo: hasn’t even been 10 times

What’s your sleep habit?
C.A.P.: I quietly snore through my nose
Niel: I sleep like a shrimp, but I’m not a shrimp ㅋㅋ
Ricky: my head goes the other way
L.Joe: I kick(?)
Chunji: I’m a peaceful sleeper
Changjo: I hit… but not any more

(different question for C.A.P. only) What is your drinking habit?
C.A.P.: I don’t have one

What 3 things would you take with you to a deserted island?
Niel: helicopter, fuel, girlfriend kyakyakya (캬캬캬)
Ricky: 10000000(etc.) pigs, 10000000(etc.) haetban(햇반??), 1000000(etc.) bottles of water
L.Joe: boat, oil, food
Chunji: water, food, girlfriend
Changjo: sun cap, sunglasses, lunch box

What are you into lately?
C.A.P.: books which are a little more abstract
Niel: just the clothes I wear? I don’t really know
Ricky: love ㅋㅋ
L.Joe: composition, writing lyrics, taking photos
Chunji: Wonder Girls
Changjo: Wonder Girls!!! hehe 히히

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