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K-Pop Love Boys(Japan)

                                                             K-Pop Love Boys(Japan)

K-Pop Love Boys (Japan) November 201
K-Pop Love Boys (TJ Mook) November 2011 release

Just-before Japan debut! K-Pop Boys
The 6-member younger-boy group full of charm who are enthralling older women,
Andy of Shinhwa, who were forerunners of the K-Pop boom, put them together!
The fresh 6-some who debuted in July, 2010 with “Come Into the World” are all in their teens!
Seeing how the tall members come together and snap into formation when they dance is impressive!!

Their Korean debut was in July, 2010 with the single album “Come Into the World.”  On December 19th and 20th they will hold a “Talk and Live” concert at Shibuya AX.  After the show, there will be a high-five event.

A Fiery Debut in July, 2010
They’re a 6-member younger-boy group full of charm who enthrall older women.  They debuted in July, 2010 with their first single album “Come Into the World.” Though the lead song, “Clap,” vividly displayed their high level dance skills in particular, it was in the lead song “Supa Luv” off the follow-up 2nd single album “Transform,” released in January, 2011, where along with the 6 members aligning perfectly in a sharply defined dance routine, the maknae Ricky’s move popularly called the “Matrix Dance,” where he bent his upper body back as far as he could, parallel to the ground, was the center of attention.

Talk and Live in Japan in December, 2011 
The 1st mini-album “Roman” which was released in July, 2011, had Bang Shi-hyuk, who has produced an abundance of mega-hit songs like Rain’s “Bad Boy,” Baek Ji-young “Like Being Hit by a Bullet,” 2AM’s “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” and such, and can be called a representative producer of Korean mega-hit entertainment, and the many-toned songs which were recorded for the album resulted in a high-quality finished product.  “No More Perfume on You” (the title song from “Roman”), a dance number with memorable lyrics which candidly describe the psychology of a “bad boy” who’s secretly having fun dating both an older woman and a girl of the same age, is also a heart-stopper because of the gap between the beaming smiles and the furious dancing!  The comeback for “Roman” wrapped up smoothly in Korea.  In December they will come to Japan to hold a “Talk and Live” concert.

Born November 23rd, 1993. In charge of rap. Height is 171cm. Hobby is acting. Special skills are piano, song-writing and English.  His favourite Japanese food is miso soup.

Born February 27th, 1995. In charge of vocals.  Height is 172cm. Hobbies are watching movies, piano. Special skill is acting.  The place he wants to go to in Japan is Disneyland. He also definitely wants to try going in an onsen (hot springs).

Born August 16th, 1994. In charge of main vocals.  Height is 177cm. Hobby is listening to music.  Special skill is soccer.  His favourite Japanese phrase is 愛してる (ai shiteru; “I love you”). He wants to go in a Japanese onsen.  He also wants to go to Disneyland and Tokyo Dome.

Born November 4th, 1992. Leader. In charge of rap.  Height is 178cm.  Hobbies are design, drawing and working out. Special skills are writing lyrics and raps. His favourite Japanese phrase is ありがとうございます (arigatou gozaimasu; “thank you”).

Born October 5th, 1993. In charge of lead vocals. Height is 173cm. Hobbies are puzzles and reading. Special skill is imitations.  The place he wants to go to in Japan is a manga cafe.

Born November 16th, 1995. In charge of vocals.  Height is 177cm. Hobbies are creating choreography and listening to music. Special skill is self-defense. He wants to go to (Tokyo) Disneyland and go shopping in Harajuku.  He likes ramen (ramyeon).

Powerful Performance with a Sweet Mask

» Please tell us how the name TEEN TOP was derived and what the group’s appeal is.

C.A.P.: TEEN TOP is a shortened version of “TEENz on TOP,” which means “teenagers standing on the top,” and also contains the meaning that we are a new “Teen Pop” band who are introducing “Hot style Music” representative of teens.  With our unique vocals and rap, we have an unfaltering voice colour which is distinctly Teen Top, on stage we have a powerful performance and coordinated dance but once we are off-stage, we have the familiarity of a younger brother or a big brother, and I think that’s Teen Top’s particular appeal.

» Who do you think is the best-looking among the members?

Changjo:  Changjo? (laughs)  I think we’re all good-looking.

» Who’s the most reliable?

Ricky: I think it’s gotta be our Leader C.A.P.! Though there are times when he has more aegyo than his dongsaengs, he gives us guidance as a leader should.

Chunji: All six of us!

Changjo: Ricky and Changjo. Though we’re the maknaes, we’re dependable.

» Who’s the most spoiled?

C.A.P.: Ricky. He’s the maknae, so he’s the best at aegyo.

Niel: C.A.P. Even though he’s the oldest and the leader, I feel like he’s the most spoiled.

Ricky: Changjo. He’s usually well-behaved, but just with me he acts like a baby.

L.Joe: C.A.P. It seriously doesn’t fit his looks or his voice, but he’s spoiled.

Chunji: Ricky. I guess because he’s the maknae he’s the most baby-ish, but he’s cute.

Changjo: Ricky. He’s the best!!

» Who’s the most fashionable?

(All members together): C.A.P.! His style is unique, but when he puts on cool clothes he looks great.

» What kind of fashion style do you all like personally?

C.A.P.: I like hats and unusual rings.

Niel: I like wide-fitting unique-looking shirts and such.

Ricky: I like simple items, I prefer things that have more of a sporty kind of look to things which are too showy.

L.Joe: Hat, shirt, jeans, that kind of thing.

Chunji: Simple shirts.

Changjo: Black and simple.  When I was younger I liked wearing flashier clothes, but now I like more simple items.

» Who talks the most?

C.A.P.: Niel and Ricky. Without those two around, it’s quiet (laughs)

Niel: Niel and Ricky. When I’m with Ricky we’re seriously loud.

Ricky: Niel. When I’m with him I feel like talking a lot.

L.Joe: Niel. It seems like he really loves talking.

Chunji: Niel. He talks too much.

Changjo: Niel. He never stops talking, it’s noisy.

» Who’s the hardest worker?

Ricky: Changjo. He likes dance so much, he’ll choose dancing instead of sleeping.

» Who’s the best at speaking Japanese?

L.Joe: There are some members who’re studying it, but all six of us are still basically at the same (low) level!

They’re all aiming for the same thing: to be on top

» What do you pay the most attention to when you’re on stage?

C.A.P.: Breathing with the other members.

Niel: When you’re on a concert stage, that performance is your life.

Ricky: Facial expression, because it makes the best use of the feeling of the song or the dance.

L.Joe: Facial expression. Giving a facial expression that I think is all my own.

Chunji: The live performance. Because I’ve made mistakes several times before, I take good care of my voice before a concert in order to be able to give my best performance.

Changjo: How to make good use of the “feeling” that I want to express.

» What is your goal from here on out?

C.A.P.: For all the members to be together to the end.

Niel: To make Teen Top national singers that everybody knows.

Ricky: We all have the same feeling and the same aim, to rise to the highest position.

L.Joe: Teen Top as #1.

Chunji: To be #1 as singers, and to sing songs which everybody likes.

Changjo: To reach the top and to be loved by many more people.

» Is there anything for which you’d say “I’m just no good with this one thing!”?

C.A.P.: I’m definitely no good with cold water!!

Niel: I don’t know, I haven’t found anything yet.

Ricky: Cucumbers! I can’t eat them and I don’t like how they smell.

L.Joe: I’m no good with high places!  But amusement park rides are OK!  Isn’t that weird?
((translator’s comment: it actually says Niel twice in the magazine, but going by the order this should be L.Joe))

Chunji: Ginger, I’ve never been forced to eat it but I don’t like the smell.

Changjo: Being all alone at night.

Let’s meet up at a show soon

» Last, please give a message to Japanese fans.

C.A.P.: Soon we’ll be coming to visit in order to do a concert, so please wait a little longer.

Niel: We’re really thankful for you giving us love.  From now on, let’s spend a longer time together!  Sarang haeyo! And please look forward to Teen Top’s live performance.

Ricky: Everybody, thank you so much for always supporting us.  We’ll become an amazing Teen Top in response to the love our fans have given us.

L.Joe: Always be in good health.  Please have high expectations for us!  Ai shiteru (in Japanese).

Chunji: We’re working really hard to prepare to come and meet you.  Do you mind waiting just a little bit longer?

Changjo: We’ll show you many sides of us from here on, so please continue to support us.

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